Eastern Promises – Czech Pilsner Russell Brewing CompanyEastern Promises - Photo by Meagan Dyer

This is a big beer with—as the brewers bill it—plenty of backbone. And Russell Brewing Co. certainly keeps its word with Eastern Promises.


A dense head quickly forms, producing a lingering, fluffy surface. Exceptionally clear, no haze, and the golden appearance is immediately inviting. I’m tempted to rush into my first sip.


There is not a rich scent, although I picked up an aroma of spices with an open-mouth inhale. Agitation of the hops generates a slight earthy fragrance.


The first sip lived up to the anticipation: a vigorous, complex flavor at first, which breaks down pleasantly as it settles on the palette. The rich spices arrive at the back of the mouth, producing a strong, bitter swallow. There is a subtle floral finish, but bitters nearly overpower the delicate trace. A grainy aftertaste remains in the mouth.


An energizing, crisp mouthful with the perfect level of carbonation. The medium body carries the hops and flavour well—the definition of a pilsner.


This is a refreshing, robust beer, ideal for an early summer backyard day when a nap is not out of the question. I would have personally preferred a more balanced flavour that allows the floral undertones to come through, but its lively qualities surmount this slight unbalance. I had no problem finishing this 650 ml-er, and I will likely pick up another bottle for a future afternoon in the hammock.

The Beer Details
Brewery: Russel Brewing Company
Size: 650 ml
IBU : 35
ABV: 5%

Meagan Dyer
Top Beer Club contributor